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Ship 50x faster

Build and ship custom software in minutes rather than months.

Developer friendly

Budibase is open source, extensible, and ships real SPAs.


Self-host Budibase and your apps on your own infrastructure.

Build offline

Build and test your applications offline.

Powering Developers Empowering Teams

Budibase brings together everything that’s required to build internal tools, such as; dashboards, admin panels, CRMs, approval apps, employee wikis, and everything in between. Within minutes, you can ship internal tools, and empower teams to do more, with less.

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Simple by default
Speed guaranteed

Building internal tools is time consuming - setting up web servers, writing boilerplate code, and wrestling with design takes weeks. Budibase removes the boilerplate work providing you with a platform to build, automate, and ship internal tools 50x faster. In fact, we make it so easy users with no development experience can build mission-critical apps in minutes.


Start with or without data

Connect to an external data source, import data, or start from scratch with Budibase's built-in DB. You can then query, create views, and manage that data right within the Budibase GUI.

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Build with pixel-perfect blocks

Budibase auto-generates beautiful screens from your data, saving you precious dev time. It also comes with pixel-perfect, powerful components helping you build UIs your users will love.

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Automate manual processes

Save time by automating manual processes and workflows. From connecting to webhooks, to automating emails, simply tell Budibase what to do and let it work for you.

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Automate apps with Budibase

Self-host your apps

You can host your apps on the Budibase cloud, or self-host on your own infrastructure.

To self-host, simply deploy your software to Docker or Digital Ocean in just a few clicks.

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Deploy apps with Budibase

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Budibase was built by developers who were fed up building internal tools from scratch and having to repeat the same development processes over and over again. Our intentions with Budibase is not to replace coding, but to augment the developer experience and allow you to ship beautiful apps faster.

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Coding optional

If you need to, you can write JavaScript within Budibase.

Ship real SPAs

Create and ship real single page applications.

Open Source

Feel confident that Budibase will always be around.

Local development

Continue to build software in your local env, with your favorite tools.

Powering businesses of all shapes and sizes

In order to stay ahead in the market, businesses - startups to large enterprise - turn to Budibase to ship solutions faster.

IT & Engineering

Take control and drive digital transformation

IT Consultants

Build internal tools and internal tools for clients in minutes

Transport & Logistics

Automate processes, reduce errors and operate efficiently


Provide students with an online platform to interact with

Retail & Marketplaces

Transform sales data and inventory into beautiful applications


Analyse and visualize data in a way which suits you

Why businesses choose Budibase

Businesses choose Budibase because they need a platform, not a product. We understand the uniqueness of different businesses, which is why we aim to create an ecosystem which supports the ambitions of our users.

Pixel perfection

Ship ahead of the competition

With Budibase, you ship applications/solutions 50x quicker, giving you the competitive edge.

Performance, guaranteed

The future of work

With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, non-developers can create mission-critical applications.

Control your own data

Digital transformation

Budibase automates manual processes and replaces inefficient functions within your business.

open source budibase

Open source

Budibase is extensible, futureproof, and you can self-host on your own infrastructure.

Choose the new and faster way to build internal tools

"Budibase gives us a single tool that lets us turn everyday processes into apps. It also makes us more productive and look super-smart too which is nice.”

Gerard McNulty

G McNulty


When is the launch?

We're in public beta and you can try it now for free. We will publicly launch in January/February 2021.

Do I need to know how to code

You do not need to know how to code, but in some cases, knowing some code will allow you to build better web apps.

Is Budibase open source?

Budibase is open-source. The builder is licensed AGPL v3, the server is licensed GPL v3, and the client is licensed MPL.

Can I build a website with Budibase?

Budibase is for building internal tools and custom software.

Is Budibase free?

Yes, to an extent. You will never pay for using the builder. There are certain processes you might need to pay for depending on the extent of your usage - for example, hosting and workflows.

Can I become a Budibase partner?

Not yet, but we are exploring the finer details of partnerships so please register your interest: Partnerships

Choose the new and faster way to build internal tools