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Automate your problems and processes away

Budibase is not just about developing web apps, it's also about solving your problems. Budibase's automation functionality allows you to automate tasks and processes so you can focus on your most important work.

Automate UI

Automation the way it should be

Easy automations

Create an automation in seconds

Automations come in 3 blocks, triggers, actions and conditions. Simply click on the blocks, and complete the settings to create your automations.

Pause / play automations

Set and forget

Once you setup your automations, they will continue to run in the background until you decide to stop them. Exactly the way it should be!

Budibase integrations

Integrate with your favourite tools

Integrate with tools such as Sendgrid to connect with your data and automate emails. As the product grows, we will continue to add integrations, and we hope our great community can help with this.

Test automation

Test your automations

Within Budibase, you can test each automation block, ensuring you have the confidence your automations are successfully operating.

Your automation toolkit


Choose from a number of triggers to kickstart your workflow

Create records

Create new records based on an event

Update records

Update records, within your tables, based on an event

Delete records

Delete records, within your tables, based on an event

Send email

Send an email if a trigger is activated


Add a time delay to your automations


Add conditional logic to your automations

Test automations

Test your automation blocks and pinpoint any faults

Choose the new and better way to build custom software