The Fastest Way To Build A Web App

Low-code, big wins. Budibase is a low-code platform for building web apps at speed and with freedom.

Build a web app

Build With Speed

Build your web applications at super-fast speeds with no repetition.

Design With Freedom

Apply your own UI or use a template. Budibase empowers creativity.

Contribute together

Budibase is open source, bringing you long-term viability and community.

Get To Know Your New Tools

Budibase gives you the tools to build a modern web app the way you want to, no boundaries!

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Automate The Backend

Create rules and workflows to automate the backend and reduce repetition

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Powerful Plugins

Add plugins or write your own to boost your web applications functionality.

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Design with freedom

Choose your frontend, define colours, fonts and take full-control of the UI.

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Custom UI

Develop your own interfaces in your favourite framework, where you need it.

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Integrate with anything

Use Inbound and Outbound plugin points to integrate with applications.

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Define Security Rules

Define roles to allow users to secure parts of their application.

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Build Offline

Budibase is open-source so you can build and test offline.

See What Else You Can Do

Budibase gives you the tools to build, host and manage a modern web app the way you want to, no boundaries!

Request Access

We will notify you when BudiBase is ready to speed up your development.