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As simple as a spreadsheet, yet powerful like a database

Budibase’s data interface looks like a simple spreadsheet but behaves like a powerful database application builder. Whether you need to import data, filter content, or make calculations, Budibase has you covered.

Data UI

The number 1 database application builder

User authentication

User authentication out of the box

Out of the box, Budibase offers you a simple way to add users, choose and create accessibily levels, and delete users.

Create views

Create specific views of your data

Data is precious and a mistake can cause a lot of pain. Views offer you a great way to extract data into a safe environment.

Data export

You own your data and it is always accessible

Budibase is open source and you can always access your data when you need it.

Calculations, groups and filtering

Calculations, groups and filters in just a few clicks

Digging into your data is crucial. With Budibase, you can create a new view, filter, group and run calculations with just a few clicks.

Data tools

Control and security

When building with Budibase, your data is stored locally

Connect data sources

Connect and pull in data from external data sources

Budibase Database

Budibase has a built-in database

Export data

Export the data from your tables in 2 clicks


View and analyze your data in a simple table format


Create views from your tables for data subsets and joins

User authentication

Add a new user to your app in just a few quick clicks

Access controls

Create and assign access roles to different users


Calculate fields, groups or entire views with 1 click

Filters and Groups

Structure your data exactly how you need it

Data upload

Upload data to Budibase from a simple CSV

Field types

Budibase supports multiple data types


Budibase supports many-to-many relationships

Choose the new and faster way to build internal tools