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Deploy your web app with just 1 click

Hosting web apps and data is tricky and can be quite hard to setup the right infrastructure for your solution. So, we've decided to take care of it for you, and summarise the entire process into just 1 click.

Deploy UI

Deployment the way it should be

1 click deployment

1 click deployment

No setup, no worries about where to host or what bucket to store your data in. From within the Budibase builder, deploy your new web app to the internet with just 1 click. It really is that simple!

Top level domain domain

Out of the box, we will provide you with a domain using the TLD so you can quickly share with your colleagues. You can easily change this to your own domain.

AWS hosting

Hosted with AWS

Your web app will be hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by Budibase. We will ensure your web app is live and accessible.

Self-hosting with Budibase


The Budibase builder is open source allowing you take your web app and host elsewhere, other than Budibase. We also have an optional support service for customers who go down this route.

Your deployment toolkit

Host with Budibase

Budibase will host and manage your application

1 click deployment

1 click and your web app is deployed


You also have the option to self-host, and we can help

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