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Beautifully designed bespoke software starts here

With a collection pre-made elements, components, layouts, and over 150 different design controls, we've provided you with a platform which makes building bespoke software easy, fun, and makes you look like a design expert.

Design UI

Software users, to bespoke software builders

Data components

Data components

Budibase's design components are tied to your data. This allows you to add connected components, such as tables, forms, charts in just two clicks. Not magical, but certainly awesome!

Design with freedom

Design with freedom

Having the freedom to build a web app you are proud of is important to us. We have made a conscious decision to expose 150+ design controls so you can easily create beautiful web apps.

Performance baked in

Performance baked in

Budibase web apps are single page applications. We have the concept of a masterscreen where you can add repetitive components. This ensures your web apps perform seemlessly.

Bind components

Bring your interface to life

Bind components to the backend and other components. Add conditional logic to your web app in just a few clicks. And tell your components exactly what to do with actions.

Design tools

Private/Public apps

Build private and public applications

Build real apps

Budibase outputs real single page Svelte applications

Login including

We've included a functional login screen out of the box

Magic Screens

Budibase auto-generates CRUD screens from your data

Screen templates

Utilize premade templates to build faster

Powerful Components

Grab a headstart with premade, powerful components

Magic components

Components which are bound to data, and take 2 clicks to add


Responsive layout components included to speed up design


Add Pseudo-classes to your components

150+ Design controls

Budibase exposes the power of CSS in a user-friendly way

Responsive design

Utilize CSS Flex and build responsive designs

Screen transitions

Built-in page transitions improve the app's user experience

Hot reloading

Enjoy hot-reloading when building your apps

Quick settings

Shortcuts to help you build your applications quicker

DnD navigation

Budibase's navigation has drag and drop functionality


Add actions to components and create automations


Bind components to data from your tables or other components

Conditional UI

Tie the UI of a component to a condition

Choose the new and faster way to build internal tools