Design, build, automate, and deliver custom business tools in minutes, and with confidence.

Data, how you like it

External data sources

Connect, fetch and query data from external data sources (Postgresql, MongoDB, MySQL, S3, CouchDB, Airtable, and more). You can also pull data into Budibase using a Rest API.

Built-in database

You do not need existing data to create apps with Budibase. Use Budibase's built-in database and tables to build apps from scratch (or upload a CSV). Select from a number of data types and functionality, including relationships, attachments, formulas, and more.


When you create an internal table, you can tell Budibase to generate auto-screens. This feature will then create 3 screens within your UI; a read, create, and update screen. This feature is optional.

CSV upload

Upload a CSV to Budibase and generate tables within Budibase's internal database.


A simple and performant way to run calculations over your data within Budibase's built-in database.

Access controls

Assign access controls to your data.

Design with confidence

Private and Public apps

Build private and public applications, or a combimation of both.

Ship real, performant apps

Budibase outputs real single page applications.

Accessible, beautiful components

At Budibase, we obsess over design. It's goal to make designing beautiful internal tools, effortless. This begins by providing users with a catalogue of powerful, best-in-class components.

Data provider component

The data provider component consolidates the fetching of data to one component, improving performance and usability. It also makes filtering, sorting, and paginating your data effortless.

Highly-functional table

The Budibase table component is simple, yet powerful. You can sort, theme, and resize the table. It's also possible to add buttons/actions to the table, which makes it powerful when creating actionable lists.

Beautiful charts

Using data from your tables/external data sources, add beautiful charts, including bar, line, area, and more, to your apps. It's never been easier to build custom dashboards!

Accessible form builder

Create forms automatically from your schema; or from scratch. Out of the box, forms come with theming, validation, accessibility, and responsive sizing. More importantly, they're super flexible and beautiful.

Powerful actions

Add actions to components, including, saving data and triggering automations.

Easy to implement search

Add search functionality to your apps with just a few clicks.

Automate workflows in seconds

Automate apps with Budibase

Pull data into your apps and push data out using webhooks.


Integrate with external platforms, including Integromat, Zapier, and more, using integrations.


Choose from a number of triggers to start your automation.


Use data from previous automation steps.


Choose from a library of actions, including email, messaging, hooking up to external automation platforms, and tell your app what to do.


Add a time delay to your automations.


With Budibase, you can schedule your automations. For example - Run automation every 5 minutes.

Add scripts

Add JavaScript to your automations to increase utility.

Spark joy in Admins and DevOps

Self-host Budibase

Self hosting Budibase is simple and allows you to build internal tools that meet data compliance and company requirements with ease

Budibase CLI

Quickly manage updates and infrastructure with the Budibase CLI

Global user management

Add a user to the platform once, then assign them to different apps. This greatly improves the end-user experience, as they only have to log-in once to access multiple apps.

Streamlined user onboarding

Add your SMTP settings and Budibase will take care of the user onboarding process for you.

Email templates

Budibase comes with beautiful emails templates that you can customize to match your brand and styling preferences.


Allow users to log in to their apps using Google. We are actively adding more OAuth options.

Create tools that people enjoy using


When you create more than one app, Budibase will generate a portal to help with navigation and access.

1 log-in

Users only need one login to access all their Budibase apps

Groups (coming soon)

Assign users and apps to groups. Users within groups can only see and use the apps assigned to their group.

Group managers (coming soon)

Elect a group manager and allow them to manage updating and removing users, taking the tasks away from busy admins.

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