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The Internal Toolbox

Budibase is the open source development platform that keeps on giving

Data tools

Control and security

When building with Budibase, your data is stored locally

Connect data sources

Connect and pull in data from external data sources

Budibase Database

Budibase has a built-in database

Export data

Export the data from your tables in 2 clicks


View and analyze your data in a simple table format


Create views from your tables for data subsets and joins

User authentication

Add a new user to your app in just a few quick clicks

Access controls

Create and assign access roles to different users


Calculate fields, groups or entire views with 1 click

Filters and Groups

Structure your data exactly how you need it

Data upload

Upload data to Budibase from a simple CSV

Field types

Budibase supports multiple data types


Budibase supports many-to-many relationships

Design tools

Private/Public apps

Build private and public applications

Build real apps

Budibase outputs real single page Svelte applications

Login including

We've included a functional login screen out of the box

Magic Screens

Budibase auto-generates CRUD screens from your data

Screen templates

Utilize premade templates to build faster

Powerful Components

Grab a headstart with premade, powerful components

Magic components

Components which are bound to data, and take 2 clicks to add


Responsive layout components included to speed up design


Add Pseudo-classes to your components

150+ Design controls

Budibase exposes the power of CSS in a user-friendly way

Responsive design

Utilize CSS Flex and build responsive designs

Screen transitions

Built-in page transitions improve the app's user experience

Hot reloading

Enjoy hot-reloading when building your apps

Quick settings

Shortcuts to help you build your applications quicker

DnD navigation

Budibase's navigation has drag and drop functionality


Add actions to components and create automations


Bind components to data from your tables or other components

Conditional UI

Tie the UI of a component to a condition

Automation tools


Pull data into your apps and push data out using webhooks


Integrate with external platforms using integrations


Choose from a number of triggers to start your automation


Use data from previus automation steps

Create records

Create new records based on an event


Choose from a library of actions and tell you app what to do

Send email

Send an email if a trigger is activated


Add a time delay to your automations


Add conditional logic to your automations

Test automations

Test your automation blocks and pinpoint any faults

Bind data

Bind data from your tables to your actions, such as email

Your deployment toolkit

Host with Budibase

Budibase will host and manage your application

1 click deployment

1 click and your web app is deployed


You also have the option to self-host, and we can help

Choose the new and faster way to build internal tools