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Build custom software without coding

Budibase is a super-simple no code platform. It empowers people and organizations around the world to build and deploy beautiful custom software.

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Download, design and build for free. No credit card required!

No coding required

Build your web app without writing code.

Lightning fast

Build apps in minutes rather than months.

Build offline

Slow internet? No need to worry. Budibase works online & offline.

All-in-one no code platform designed to power your organization

Budibase is changing how the world builds custom software, replacing coding with a simple interface. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to connect to G Sheets, Airtable, or other data sources.

Completely self-sustainable; design, build, and launch your web app all within Budibase. This saves you time, money, frustration, and improves overall performance.


You can't code

Not enough time

Unmaintainable spreadsheets

Current software too generic

Inefficient processes

Remote working

Your data is everywhere

Current solution is expensive

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Inventory Platforms

Booking systems

Employee management platforms


Learning management systems


And much more

Build custom software in 4 simple steps!

1. Add Data

Behind every great web app, is a hard working database. Budibase apps are no exception. Unlike other platforms, you don't need to connect to an external data source, you can store data right within Budibase. Budibase has its own interface to manage data and it's super simple to use.

As easy as:
Adding data to a spreadsheet

2. Design

After adding your data, like magic, Budibase auto-generates beautiful screens, which are all connected to your data and ready to deploy. Budibase comes with pre-composed elements and components with over 150 design properties. Benefit from complete design freedom and unlock your creative side.

As easy as:
Designing a presentation

3. Automate

We're busy, and we all hate tedious processes - they're time vampires. Thankfully, Budibase can help you steal lots of that time back by automating the actions within your web app. From automatically updating records, to sending emails, Budibase does the legwork so you can focus on the other duties.

As easy as:
Creating flow diagrams

4. Deploy

The moment of truth. The moment you've been working towards. 50% optimistic, 50% nervous, 100% excited. In just a few simple clicks, you can deploy your creation; a high-performing, end-to-end web app. Your web app will be hosted in AWS, and we will look after hosting. You can also self-host too!

As easy as:
Clicking a button

Choose the new and better way to build custom software

Why Budibase rocks!

Pixel perfection

Pixel perfection

With a growing number of pre-made elements, components, and layouts, and over 150 design controls, you can design just about anything, and look incredibly good whilst doing it.

Performance, guaranteed

Performance, guaranteed

Unlike other platforms, Budibase apps are Single Page Applications. This type of architecture ensures your apps perform smoothly and delight users.


No internet, no problem

Budibase is different. It's unique. It runs locally on your computer just like an IDE. So if the internet cuts out, or someone is hogging the Wifi, not to worry. We got this. You've got this!

Control your own data

You control your data

This is huge! Data is important and we understand this. We also understand that your data is... your data and you should have access and control over it - which you do with Budibase.

Empowering organisations of all shapes and sizes


IT / Engineering

Take control and drive digital transformation

IT Consultants


Build custom software for clients in minutes


Transport & Logistics

Automate processes, reduce errors and operate efficiently



Provide students with an online platform to interact with


Sales & Marketing

Keep on top of your leads, and automate processes



Analyse and visualize data in a way which suits you

"Budibase gives us a single tool that lets us turn everyday processes into apps. It also makes us more productive and look super-smart too which is nice.”

Gerard McNulty

G McNulty


When is the launch?

Public beta begins late October. Public launch depends on the success of beta. We estimate this to be between November 2020 and January 2021.

Do I need to know how to code

Budibase can be described as a no code platform, meaning you do not need to know how to code to build a web application.

Is Budibase open source?

Yes. We fully believe open source is the way forward and hope to create a community which contributes to making Budibase the best no code platform in the world.

Can I build a website with Budibase?

You can build web apps, including CRMs, Note taking software, project trackers, to-do apps. For now, Budibase is not a great option for building marketing websites due to SEO reasons. Better website platforms include WordPress and Hugo.

Is Budibase free?

Yes, to an extent. You will never pay for using the builder. There are certain processes you might need to pay for depending on the extent of your usage - for example, hosting and workflows.

Can I become a Budibase partner?

Not yet, but we are exploring the finer details of partnerships so please register your interest: Partnerships

Choose the new and better way to build custom software