The Faster Way To Build Web Applications

Budibase is an open-source web app builder, designed for speed and customization. When you need to build, host, and manage a web application, Budibase has you covered.

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All-In-One Web App Builder

Budibase is changing the way you build web applications, saving you time and giving you unmatched functionality. Unlike other Web App Builders, Budibase provides you with a platform to build faster, host securely, and manage smarter.


Design Freely, Build Faster

Alpha launch in Sep 2019

All tech startups run into the same problems; lengthy dev times, tedious repetition, and multiple headaches. Budibase solves these problems, speeding up the dev process by eliminating repetition and automating workflows.

  • Automate your backend
  • Choose your framework (Vue, React, Ember, etc)
  • Design with an intuitive UI Builder
  • Web App builder

    Host Securely, Deploy Easily

    Launch in Feb 2020

    We take care of hosting so you can focus on making your web application a success. We host your web applications using the secure and reliable Google Cloud. If you prefer to manage hosting, that's completely fine - the power is in your hands.

  • Host your web app in just a few clicks
  • Add your own custom domain
  • Controlled Privacy
  • App hosting

    Manage Smarter, Grow Quickly

    Launch in Feb 2020

    A single, centralised home for all your web application's activity including reporting and invoicing. Budibase's user management interface provides everything you need to know to make the right decisions for your new web application.

  • One platform to manage your app, customers and payments
  • A CRM to manage your customers
  • Reporting to pinpoint your growth
  • Web App manager

    Build Without Boundaries

    Budibase is a fully open source, adaptable web app builder for developing, hosting, and managing web applications. Experience true flexibility, powerful integrations, and build without boundaries.

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    Apply your own UI or use a template. Budibase empowers creativity.

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    Open Source

    Budibase is open source, bringing you freedom and long-term viability.

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    Push or pull data from other sources by plugging into our many integration points.

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    We implement security best practices, so you can focus on building your application.

    What The FAQ

    We're at the beginning of an exciting journey and we understand there may be lots of questions. We've included some of the most popular below. For other questions, send us a message on live chat.

    We will launch the Budibase builder to Alpha users in September. The launch and growth platform will arrive in February 2020.
    Yes. We fully believe open source is the way forward and hope to create a community which contributes to making Budibase the best SaaS platform in the world.
    We recommend you have some coding knowledge. We will provide a simple UI builder, which at a push, would allow you build a web app with no code. But, we classify Budibase as a low code platform.

    Hell yeah! We love user feedback. Drop us an email if you’re interested in becoming an Alpha Budi, let us know at

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